gutter guards

Are you looking for a local Birmingham professional to help with your commercial or residential gutters? Look no more.

STA DRY Roofing offers a full range of gutter services, including repair, installation, maintenance, and replacement. If it involves the roof on your house or commercial property- no matter how small or large the problem- we’re the experts you can turn to for affordable prices and quality workmanship.

Standard and 6″ Gutters

Modern gutters are made from aluminum and adhere to a 5″ size, accommodatable to most roofs. Gutters collect rainwater, preventing it from damaging the roof or home. The standard size for gutters is 5″, but homeowners have the option to choose a larger 6″ size.

The extra inch may seem minuscule but certainly piles on the benefits. Not only does the 6″ gutter hold more water, but it also fits some roofs better than the smaller gutter. The 6″ gutter requires a larger downspout to accommodate the extra water. It’s excellent for Birmingham homeowners with extensive roofs, many trees surrounding their homes, and others. Call us to learn more about the standard and 6″ gutters to determine which option best suits your needs.



Downspouts are drainpipes that direct rainwater away from the roof and the home onto the ground. It is installed on the gutter’s top and held in place with brackets. Downspouts come in rectangular and round shapes. Most homeowners can choose the style they like most, but some home designs require one or the other.

Downspouts prevent water pooling near the foundation of the home. Pooling can lead to substantial damages to the foundation’s structure and cause an assortment of additional headaches and expenses.

Available in assorted styles, sizes, materials, and colors, downspouts are an essential component of a proper gutter system for your home.


Copper Gutters/Downspoutsgutters

Copper stands the test of time and has long been used in the building and construction industry. The material adds elegance to a home for many years to come, considering it has the most extended lifetime of any material available. In addition, since it acts as a natural fungicide, copper eliminates the risk of algae growth on top of your roof, further protecting your valuable investment.

Copper is corrosion-resistant and has a lifespan of as long as 100 years. It looks just as good in 10 years as on the day of installation, a fact almost every person can appreciate. Choosing copper gutters and downspouts for your home could be one of the most valuable decisions you ever make. First, however, ensure the architectural structure and design of the home meshes well with copper since some do not.


Gutter Guards

Gutters collect rainwater, but their large opening allows leaves, sticks, and other particles to find their way inside. These extras clog the channels, and rainwater begins to drip along the side of the house, causing water pooling and substantial damage. Cleaning the gutters once or twice per year cleans all the gunk out and reduces the risk of water damage, but it is not foolproof.

Gutter guards prevent sticks and other debris from piling in the gutter. They also reduce or eliminate the need to clean the gutters, a benefit many people appreciate in and of itself since it saves a substantial sum of money. Gutter guards are not required but are undoubtedly beneficial to a gutter system.

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